First Wednesdays

The Rumor That Almost Started the Revolution

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
December 1, 2010

Distinguished Northwestern University professor T. H. Breen examines the role ordinary New Englanders—including Vermonters—played in 1774 in pressuring the Continental Congress for more assertive and radical resistance to Great Britain. Sponsor: Passumpsic Savings Bank Member FDIC

In Search of Nirvana: Rock-N-Roll Religion

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
November 3, 2010

Poetry’s Spiritual Language

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
October 6, 2010

Using the poetry of Dickinson, Kenyon, Rumi, and Kabir—poets from diverse religious traditions—Dartmouth professor Nancy Jay Crumbine examines poetry’s language of spirituality.

Problem Solving in the Middle East and South Asia

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
June 2, 2010

The Truth About Happiness

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum
May 5, 2010

What is happiness, and why is it so elusive? Are Americans particularly hungry for happiness? Analyst and author Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath examines the cultural and psychological context of happiness.



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